Basketball Training

Basketball Training Updates For 2018 By Priority 1 Athletics

Priority 1 Athletics has updated our basketball training programs, and we have eliminated 1-on-1 sessions. This move was made to give our athletes a better quality basketball training program. Most athletes that train at cones and other drills that were part of our 1-on-1 sessions become very skill full, but we've found that those results don't always translate to a live game. Some players have not been comfortable using their skills in a game setting because they have not had the opportunity to use their skill in that environment through 1-on-1 basketball training sessions. For that reason, we've moved away from those individual sessions to focus on group training packages, where we can always incorporate more of the feel and action of a live game scenario. Check out our new basketball training programs for 2018 below. With our small group training programs we're able to give each athlete exposure to live competition and game scenarios, but still give them the individual attention and skill development that they need.


Our basketball training sessions cover fundamental basketball techniques and methods for developing a stronger basketball IQ

Individual areas of focus include: (1) Shooting (2) Ball Handling (3) Footwork... and much more

Basketball Training Shooting


Shooting form, catching and releasing, shooting off the dribble and more...
Basketball Training Ball Handling

Ball Handling

Dribbling technique, creating space with the ball, handling the ball under pressure and more...
Basketball Training Footwork


Becoming quicker on the court, improving balance, increasing agility and more...


Semi-Private Training

1 - 4 athletes, 1 hr. session

$50 per session

Large Group Training

5 - 10 athletes, 1 hr. session

$35 per session


5 Large Group Training Sessions


5 Semi-Private Training Sessions


10 Large Group Training Sessions


10 Semi-Private Training Sessions


Basketball Training Sessions

All of Priority 1 Athletic's basketball training sessions will consist of  1 – 4 people (Semi-Private) or 5 - 10 people (Large Group), depending on the number of athletes enrolled and calendar availability. There will be basketball training sessions for all levels and ages. These basketball training sessions give all athletes the chance to master basketball skills acquired by practice and reputation and put them immediately to the test in a competitive setting. The group sessions will help all players to better transfer what they've learned through training to real games on the court.

Interested in enrolling your athlete in basketball training sessions? CLICK HERE to submit a quick online application, and view our entire rates and availability.

Complete Player Programs

For athletes ready to take the next step in advancing their basketball skills we offer a monthly player program. This program occurs and is billed monthly, with different options available based on individual areas of need. This program is designed to create a basketball addict, and incorporate regular monthly training to help athletes develop better, practice harder and become more dedicated to the game. With our player program, athletes will receive an "I’m Possible" training book with great information on growing as a player, unlimited access to all of the workouts from I’m Possible. These are the innovative basketball training workouts that influence our basketball training sessions at Priority 1 Athletics. We want all of our athletes to have the knowledge and understanding of how to train properly on their own, in addition to their sessions with Priority 1 Athletics.

Program Includes: the "I'm Possible" basketball training book, online access to workouts, 2 personal training session a month, unlimited access to large group training sessions, mentorship from Sean at Priority 1 Athletics and an online profile to record and upload your own personal workout results and videos - to help with recruiting down the road. Each athlete is responsible for planning ahead of time to book spot(s) for monthly training sessions and large group training sessions. There is no limit to the number of large group training sessions each athlete can attend.


Two semi-private & UNLIMITED large-group sessions/month

$200/month, billed monthly (automatic draft)


Learn more about the complete player program: Click Here

Interested in enrolling your athlete in complete player program? CLICK HERE to submit a quick online application, and view our entire rates and availability.


Blood, Sweat & Tears Clinics (2 hrs.)

Intense training, fitness & game play (up to 10 players)

$60 per player

Ball-ology Elite Clinics (3 hrs.)

Advanced skills training with film study (up to 10 players)

$75 per player

Speciality Clinics (1.5 hrs.)

Individualized skill training: ball handling, shooting, footwork, etc. (up to 10 players)

$45 per player


Book your entire team (1.5 hr clinic)

$35 per player (*$15 added fee per 30-minute period for overtime beyond 90-minute scheduled clinic)

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