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A Note to Our Priority 1 Family

Priority 1 Family,

First off, let me say thank you for all your support during this tough time. Some of you have been hitting it strong with us in the Live online classes. They have been going well. I have some players that have their own goals, and some that are limited to only working out in their living room. These workouts have been amazing because all you need is a ball and space. Having a goal is just a bonus. We will look at keeping these online workouts as an option going forward.

Now, the major part. We are going to reopen! That’s right, I said it. We will be opening our doors to have some sessions going in our facility. There are going to be things that are different due to the seriousness of Covid-19. I want to make sure that everyone feels safe on our end as well as everyone else in the building.

  • Parents will now have to drop their athlete off at the gym or wait in the car while they are
  • Players will enter on unlimited training systems side (front door away from Chesapeake).
  • The Athletes and parents will have their temperature taken upon arrival
  • Upon entering athletes will have to answer a survey, as they do when entering a hospital.
  • You will be required to walk in with your street shoes and then change into your athletic shoes. If you do not have that then you will be asked to spray your shoes with disinfectant at one of the tables we have set up.
  • As tough as it may be, athletes must wear a mask to attend the sessions
  • Parents will be able to come in to pay for their child once session is over
  • We are encouraging that athletes bring their own ball.
  • Be sure to be changed into the clothes you are training in before the session. We are trying to eliminate traffic to the bathroom as much as possible.
  • Classes will be downsized to 5 in the large group classes. There should only be 5 people per 1,000 square ft. So, we are going to honor that and keep the classes small to give everyone the space that is needed.
  • We will be focusing a ton on footwork, body control, ball handling and finishing at the basket. to keep from having to run into the other areas of the gym where workouts are going on.
  • During breaks there will be seating for each player that will give them space to relax while having their break.

Equipment Usage/Workout procedures

  • Athletes Will do the same regarding cones.
  • During workouts Athletes will be spaced apart to have their room to practice social distancing.
  • If I am doing a Private, I will allow a parent to sit in on the session. If the private has siblings working together, the social distancing for them will be different. The guidelines state that social distance is practiced between others outside the family
  • After each session, the chairs and equipment will be sanitized, and the floors will be mopped daily.

Below will be the new schedule of operations. This is temporary until things start getting back to normal.  There will be no Semi – Private groups given. We will just be doing the large group classes of five the 1 on 1 schedule will Start May 8th and the groups classes in gym will begin on May 11th. Remember this schedule can be adjusted if needed. Meaning, if more classes need to be added either online or in gym we will make the adjustments.



Beginner Monday @3p Saturday @10am Sunday @1pm
Intermediate Tuesday @ 3pm Saturday @11:15am Sunday 2:15pm
Advanced Wednesday @ 3pm Saturday @12:30pm Sunday @3:30pm


In Gym

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beginner 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 1 on 1s 1 on 1s 1 on 1s
Intermediate 6:15pm 6:15pm 6:15pm 6:15pm 1 on 1s 1 on 1s 1 on 1s
Advanced 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 1 on 1s 1 on 1s 1 on 1s


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy will be strictly enforced at this time. There are limited spots in the gym, and we want to make sure none of them are wasted.
These are the rules of cancellation:

  1. An athlete must cancel their group appointment with Priority 1 Athletics 4 hours before the session begins. If that does not happen the attendant will be charged for the session. That session will have to be paid for before that person can sign up for any other sessions.
  2. Athletes that have monthly payments will still be responsible to pay for the session if they do not cancel in time, or if they do not show up for the spot that they booked.

To cancel your appointment simply open up your confirmation email and click the cancellation link within it.

This is not what we are used to, but I can say that I am excited to have everyone back into our gym. We have really missed you guys and gals. If there are any questions, contact us by email at priority1athletics@gmail.com or call us at 865-963-7382. Thank you all for your patience and support, and we pray that everyone is doing well.


Thank you,

Sean Green