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About Priority 1 Athletics 2

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At Priority 1 Athletics, we provide elite basketball training to athletes of all ages and experience. Our process begins with an individual evaluation to develop a tailored program for each athlete. Our mission is not to make the best player on each team but to make each player the best that they can be. Priority 1 Athletics in Knoxville, TN develops our athletes’ weaknesses and grows confidence in their strengths. We’ll help you or your athlete meet and exceed goals to play better basketball.

Priority 1 Athletics trains athletes to improve their Basketball IQ, while further developing core skills such as shooting, ball handling and footwork.

Priority 1 Athletics’ areas of focus:

•    Shooting
          We focus on basketball shooting drills that help with catching and releasing, as well as shooting off of the dribble and more.
•    Ball Handling
           Our basketball handling drills teach players to create space during play and how to be comfortable under pressure. 
•    Footwork
            Priority 1’s footwork drills help athletes to become quicker, more agile, and better balanced.
•    Basketball IQ
            Every basketball player’s game can be enhanced by gaining a better understanding of the game.