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Core Control for Better Ball Handling

There are few things in basketball as rewarding as lulling a defender into a false sense of control, only to leave them in the dust after they buy your fake. Just like the best magicians, practicing certain movements until they are built into muscle memory, allow for some very convincing illusions. This same principle can be used by point guards or anyone else wanting to improve their ball handling skills, while at the same time, producing moves that shift defenders to your advantage. Likewise, players seeking new ways to shake defenders and improve their overall game should focus on core control drills with cones or medicine balls to build these crucial skills.

Core Shifts

Core shifts are at the heart of the “juke”, helping throw off the defender’s center of weight just long enough to split the lane or pull of an easy jump shot. Not only will they help players create more opportunities but can also avoid the common mistakes of trying to use extra steps to throw off defenders. Using too many steps is a typical folly of less developed players, which can end up getting you trapped or place you in spaces where you should not be.

Body Jabs

The body jab, or jab step, is another basketball fundamental that’s used to leave your defender guessing directly after you catch the ball. One of the reasons we train for body jabs is that it allows an offensive player to effectively “test” a defender and see how they react. If the defender buys the illusion, it opens you up to drive, shoot, or take another jab. Additionally, with a practice focused on body and core control, you can achieve a lot in a small space. Because body jabs are only effective from an attack position, strategic ball handling drills that build up core control can take your skills to the next level.

Basketball Drills for Better Core Control and Ball Handling

Drills that allow a player to shift their core, sell moves, and gain mobility while in an attack position are surprisingly simple and proven effective. At Priority 1 Athletics, innovative basketball drills using cones and medicine balls to improve how well players break down the defense are just a small fraction of the training we consider standard in a player’s training repertoire. If you’re looking not only for new basketball drills but a staff of dedicated trainers with a holistic view to basketball training contact Priority 1 Athletics online or at 865-963-7382 for information on training sessions and class schedules.