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The Connection Between Success and Sports

People generally agree that many athletes can reach levels of unprecedented success in life outside of the court, field, or track. Team sports are great classrooms for social interaction, entertainment, leadership, and teamwork, but is there a direct connection between success and sports?

Benefits of Sports that Translate to Business

Parents place their children in sports programs for a variety of reasons, and some of the benefits of sports translate well into the business world, where we hope that our choice for our children will translate to success. Some of the benefits of sports that children and young adults can translate are teamwork, leadership, determination, and sacrifice. Additionally, playing sports teaches individuals the act of planning, executing, and achieving goals. Athletes also learn to be adaptable and how to perform well under pressure.

Furthermore, sports teach self-discipline, showing that hard work and planning can pay dividends. Playing sports also helps young children win and lose as a team and strive for a group to become better. All these essential life skills are highly valued for business and in everyday life.

Sports and Success in the Classroom

Many times, in school sports, athletes have gotten a bad rap as being less focused on their studies than non-athletes. However, many studies have shown that the more exercise a person gets, the higher their mental faculties perform. Additional studies have linked exercise directly to performing better on exams. Nearly every large research project you look at the results are typically the same: athletes tend to produce academic success have higher graduation rates than non-athletes.

Real-World Connections Between Success and Sports

If you investigate the lives of executives, you’ll notice a real-world connection between success and sports. EspnW and EY conducted a study of 400 female executives and found that an overwhelming 94% of these women played sports. Ernst & Young did a separate study and discovered that 96% of women holding a c-suite position played sports.

Athletic Training in Knoxville, TN

The results of countless studies into the connection between success and sports is conclusive: playing sports does much more for children than just physical fitness. Playing any sport will offer your child consistent character-building opportunities that will set them up for success later on in life. Priority 1 Athletics is committed to helping athletes play at their peak levels. Contact us today at 865.963.7382 with questions or check out our upcoming training and camps at our Schedule Training & Camps page.