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Warm Up Specifics to Prevent Injury

Preparing for strenuous activity is more than just running around. When getting ready to train or exercise, a good warm up is essential to preventing injury. The kind of warm up you do depends upon a few factors. Read more for how to do the most effective warm up strategies to prevent injury and enhance your game.

Why Warm Up

We get it. You are ready to workout, train, play the game. However, to ensure sure you are making the best choices to prevent injury, it is vital to warm up and to warm up with your specific exercise in mind. Running laps may not make sense if you are playing volleyball or practicing karate. It is advisable to do warm up exercises targeting areas of the body which will be used in the activity you are about to perform. Warm ups are necessary to improve muscle tissue extensibility and decrease internal tissue resistance. Combined, these things increase the amount of tissue deformation that can occur prior to an injury. A proper warm up includes gradually increasing intensity, waking up the muscles that are to be used.  Properly done, warm-ups have the ability to increase performance, reduce muscle soreness, and mentally prepare you for the game ahead. In basketball, running drills can be expected, as the game is centered on movement up and down the court. We recognize and train players for more, such as lateral movement, jumping, passing, and more.


RAMP is an acronym used within the professional athletic community to isolate and prepare for the sport ahead by utilizing properly executed warm up. This acronym a great way to remember specifics for your pre-game routine. RAMP suggests you do the following within your warm up:

  • Raise – your heartbeat, body temp, blood flow, joint viscosity, and breath
  • Activate – key muscles that will be used within the game
  • Mobilize –mobilize joints and ranges of motion that will be used within the sport, to do so, suggestions include using resistance bands and working on balance
  • Performance – increase intensity gradually to the point where subsequent exercises can be performed at maximum levels, concentrate on specific muscles that are going to be used within the activity you are about to participate.

Elite Basketball Training

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