Whether you’re just learning to play the game or you’re already playing on a professional level, you always have room to grow. That’s where we come in. Priority 1 Athletics helps you become the best basketball player and teammate you can be through elite basketball training.

The Priority 1

Priority 1 Athletics meets players at their current skill level and works with them to further develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses, all while encouraging confidence in their abilities. But we go beyond just training basketball players to improve their skills—we teach players the fundamentals of the game to enhance their basketball IQ, helping them gain a better understanding of the game so they can become smarter and stronger players.

When training basketball players, Priority 1 Athletics focuses on 3 core areas to help each player become a well-rounded and skilled athlete.


Players are taught proper shooting techniques, including catching and releasing as well as shooting off the dribble.


Athletes are instructed on the mechanics of ball handling, with an emphasis placed on dribbling, creating space, and controlling the ball under pressure.


The core of strong basketball performance is footwork. Players are trained to improve speed, agility, and balance on the court.

Elite Basketball
Training for All Athletes.

Priority 1 Athletics in Knoxville, TN, offers a variety of basketball training options to fit your needs. From 1-on-1 training to large group sessions to shooting labs, we have the right training sessions available to help you reach your basketball goals—no matter your age or skill level.